thoreau went down to walden.
walt checked out the road.
i snuck away from city lights,
to find nature's truth & glow.

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This week the spectrum cracked open and I finally fucking got it-
all of it.


We can grow in the strangest of places.
Sometimes what appears poisonous and troublesome at the outset requires a second look to understand the depth, beauty, and necessity of.
It’s always there- in sunshine, fog, and heavy storms.
The trick is finding the best angle and mental filter to place it in it’s perfect light.


I will always be an alien to you; mercurial, and incomprehensible. I picked you up from a field in a sleepy town and when I left the only question was, “what just happened?”
You were a heavy fog rolling in from the west. I felt the wind carrying you through life…you were free but predictable, always rolling in with the tides.
Appearing out of thin air from time to time I’d catch your sly, crooked smile out of the corner of my eye.
It was never intended for just me, you belong to the world…you’re a metaphor.
It was something out of a fairy tale…a work of elaborate fiction.
I wash it away by drowning myself in colors. I know the pain was worth it. It tripped me up and made me fall but from the ground, I grew.

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There are some pieces I make that are just too dang rad to let go of. I’m not a big jewelry fan but I am a big fan of allegories. Each one of these suckers carries in it a story, a memory, a feeling, a state of mind- something I don’t want to lose.
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Above the heavy lie blue skies always
depending on the altitude of your perspective.
Along the path, a vast universe unfolds unleashing a spectrum of color, light, and life.
There’s a secret depth to every experience,
a hidden road to be navigated
as long as you let go and allow it to flow.


Stepping into unknown lands,
I replace old parts with new.
Everything in alignment,
I emerge from the chrysalis.
The fog hangs still but I am grateful.
It’s all necessary.

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still life:
my dresser, 
june 2014


I let it sit upon my chest, hoping the weight would crush me
Still moving, the only option- onward.
I emerge in time to watch the sun slip away
Reminded by nature that night must come for the sun to rise again.